Heuristic Enterprises, LLC was originally founded by Charles Motte Jr. in 1994. He has over 25 years of experience working for a Fortune 500 firm and several small firms in management, team leadership and ground level capacities. His background includes a unique combination of both business and technical skills that is complemented and reinforced by his educational background. His years of experience are enhanced by “lessons learned” that are applicable to projects in a variety of environments and markets.

He has a M.B.A. in New Ventures/Small Business; a B.S. in Industrial Engineering; and, a Certificate in Project Management. He also provides volunteer leadership support to several non-profit organizations in the areas of finance, communications, training and resource management.

Charles is also an independent Authorized Distributor for Inscape Publishing products and an Independent Virtual Media Consultant in good standing with VMdirect.


Central to the success of any client engagement is the depth, breath and quality of the consultant individual or team that is put in place. Heuristic Enterprises is fortunate to have access to a highly talented and experienced cadre of team members and collaborative partners to develop and implement successful solutions. The team members for each engagement are carefully chosen to ensure that appropriate experience, expertise and sensitivities are matched to the client needs. Our clients are provided information on the proposed team members for review and discussion prior to implementation. We hold our employees, team members and collaborative partners to the same standards espoused in Our Mission.